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You can vsit Stevenage Councils official page here to apply

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Sheds, greenhouses or polytunels on your allotment.


  • Maintain structure in good repair.
  • On the termination of my tenancy I will remove the structure, or transfer the ownership and responsibility to the next tenant.
  • I agree to pay a deposit of £30. Which will be returned on termination of my tenancy
  • Ensure you read and fully understand the allotment shed/greenhouse agreement, when received.


Standard size of shed/greenhouse is 1.8m (6’) by 1.2m (4’)

Max size at our discretion on bigger plots 2.4m (8‘) by 1.8m (6’)


If plot holder wants shed and greenhouse then they have to be of smaller size, if their plot is small then it may not be practical to have 2 structures.


These structures MUST also be constructed to allow provision to collect rain water from the roof


The full agreement is below the form




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Please read the following before applying



THIS AGREEMENT is made the day of  (Current year)

B E T W E E N:

STEVENAGE BOROUGH COUNCIL of Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 1HN, acting by SGAA GROWERS as managing agent (“the Council”) (1) and of  (“the Plot Holder”) (2)


1.         BACKGROUND

1.1     This Agreement is supplemental to the Plot Holder’s Allotment Agreement (“the Principal Agreement”) dated  whereby Plot Number , Allotment Site  (“the Plot”) was let to the Plot Holder on the terms therein contained.

1.2     The Plot Holder desires to erect [retain] a [shed] [and] [greenhouse] [poly tunnel] (“the Building”) on the Plot and the Council has agreed that he may do so subject to the conditions contained in this Agreement and in accordance with the Specifications contained in Part I of the Schedule to this Agreement.

1.3     In this Agreement the expression “the Council” includes, where the context so admits, the Council’s managing agents appointed from time to time, being at the date of this Agreement SGAA Growers

1.4     In this Agreement the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders and the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

1.5     The paragraph headings are for convenience only and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation of this Agreement

1.6     Where the Plot Holder is more than one person the undertakings obligations and liabilities of the Plot Holder shall be joint and several



2.1     The Plot Holder shall pay a deposit of £30.00 to the Council which subject to the observance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Principal Agreement shall be returned to the Plot Holder without interest upon the removal of the Building whether before or after the termination of the Principal Agreement

2.2     If the Plot Holder terminates the Principal Agreement and a subsequent holder of the Plot agrees to take the Building with the Plot in the condition that the Building then is then the Plot Holder shall in that case be entitled to the return of the deposit as if he had removed the Building

2.3     If upon a routine or other inspection the Building is found to require maintenance or repair the Council may serve a notice in writing upon the Plot Holder requiring him to remedy the same within a reasonable period of time which shall be stipulated in the notice but which shall not be less than twenty-eight days in the case of a building which is not an unsafe structure Provided that if the Plot Holder fails to carry out such maintenance or repair within the stipulated time then the Council may enter upon the Plot and remove the Building in which case the Plot Holder shall forfeit the deposit

2.4     If in the opinion of the Council (acting reasonably) the Building has become structurally unsound so as to be unsafe then the Council may enter upon the Plot and remove the Building without prior notice to the Plot Holder who shall thereupon forfeit the deposit

2.5     The Plot Holder shall not construct the Building until the Council and the Plot Holder have signed this Agreement and the Plot Holder has paid the deposit referred to in paragraph 2.1 hereof.

2.6     The Plot Holder shall construct the Building of suitable materials and in accordance with such of the Specifications set out in Part I of the Schedule hereto as are applicable to a building of the type to be constructed (“the Relevant Specifications”) and shall thereafter maintain the same in good repair and condition at all times and shall not modify alter or extend the same without the Council’s prior consent in writing

2.7     The Plot Holder shall not without the prior written consent of the Council erect more than one shed and one greenhouse on the Plot

2.8     In the event that a Building is not constructed in accordance with the Relevant Specifications or is altered such that it no longer conforms thereto then upon the Council so requiring by notice in writing to the Plot Holder he shall forthwith at his own expense take such steps as the Council (acting reasonably) consider necessary to make the Building conform to the Relevant Specifications



3.1     The Council shall not be liable to the Plot Holder for any loss of or damage to the Building or anything kept or contained in the Building howsoever caused and shall not be under any obligation to increase the security of the Allotment Site beyond the level that it now is by reason only of the presence of the Building upon the Plot

3.2     Nothing in this Agreement shall oblige the Council to include the Building or its contents in any insurances maintained by the Council from time to time and insurance of the Building and its contents shall the sole responsibility of the Plot Holder

3.3     The Plot Holder shall take all reasonable steps to keep the Building secure against intruders and safe from vandalism or criminal damage




4.       GENERAL

4.1     The Plot Holder shall not use or permit or suffer to be used the Building as a dwelling or sleeping apartment nor for any illegal or immoral purpose

4.2     The Plot Holder shall not use the Building for the storage of noxious or especially explosive or combustible substances Provided that nothing in this clause shall prevent the Plot Holder from storing within the Building reasonable quantities of substances or materials in general horticultural usage for use upon the Plot

4.3     The Plot Holder shall not do or permit or suffer to be done in or around the Building anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the holders of other plots upon the Allotment Site or the owners or occupiers of neighbouring land and premises

4.4     Any consent or notice required to be given by the Council to the Plot Holder shall be sufficiently given if delivered to, or sent by first class post to, the address for the Plot Holder given in this Agreement or any later address which the Plot Holder shall have notified to the Council as being his address for correspondence.






1.       The dimensions of a building shall not exceed six feet (1.8m) in length four feet (1.2m) in width and eight feet (2.4m) in height. Where the plot is a small one or there is to be more than one building on a plot the Council shall be at liberty to specify lesser dimensions than those stated above.

2.       The building shall be set back at least two feet (0.6m) from the edge of any path marking the boundary with adjacent plots and shall (where applicable) be at least two feet (0.6m) from the boundary of the Allotment Site except where the view from any adjoining or neighbouring property is already obscured by a fence or hedge

3.       The foundation or base of the building shall not be of permanent construction such as poured concrete, (but concrete slabs are permissible), and shall not extend beyond the permitted dimensions without the prior written approval of the Council

4.       Where the Building is a shed it should either be of stout wooden construction built using new materials treated with wood preservative or a factory produced metal shed painted in a colour which harmonises with the surroundings and which shall have been agreed with the Council prior to construction. The roof should be covered in felt or in metal sheeting painted to harmonise with the surroundings in a colour agreed with the Council prior to construction. Asbestos may not be used in the construction of a shed.

5.       Where the building is a greenhouse or cold frame it shall be aluminium framed with polycarbonate panes and if painted it shall be in a colour which harmonises with the surroundings and which has been agreed with the Council prior to construction.

6.       The use of glass in the construction of sheds greenhouses and cold frames is strictly forbidden

7.       If it is desired to construct a building from recycled or alternative materials full specifications and construction details should first be provided to the Council and the Council’s prior written approval must be sought. The Council is under no obligation to give such approval and may refuse consent at its absolute discretion.

8.       Any buildings shall be:

          Of sound construction and to the agreed shape and size

          Neat and tidy

          Adequately secured to prevent them from being toppled in high winds

          Constructed with rounded corners and edges to prevent eye and other injuries

          Constructed with adequate provision for the collection of rainwater from the roof

9.       Doors shall not be permitted to open on to paths/roadways or adjacent plots



Recommendations for enhancement of

The security of buildings

The security of buildings on allotments could be enhanced by:

(a)      In the case of a shed fitting as few windows as possible and covering windows with strong wire mesh

(b)      Providing suitable means of anchoring the building securely

(c)      Fixing wooden or wire trellis to the walls of a shed to support a blackberry, climbing rose or other climbing plants which make the shed visually more attractive and which act as a deterrent to vandals

The Council recommends that plot holders obtain their own insurance for the building and contents and it may be possible to do this through existing home insurance.


Signed by the above-named Plot Holder


Signed ………………………………………………………..

Countersigned by the Council