Apply for an Allotment in Stevenage


You can vsit Stevenage Councils official page here to apply

or simply fill out the form below and that will be forwarded to them




There are 16 allotment sites throughout Stevenage, providing over 950 plots for residents of Stevenage to rent.


To apply for an allotment please complete the form below.


You will usually be offered a plot on a site close to where you live. However there is a waiting list on many of the sites, so you may have to be prepared to wait for some time before a plot becomes available.


Alternatively if there are any available, you may prefer to travel to another site, elsewhere in Stevenage, to find a vacant plot.


Within five working days of receiving your application form, you will be sent a letter confirming that you have been placed on the waiting list.


When a vacant plot becomes available you will be advised to contact the Site Agent so that you may arrange to view the vacant plot/s at the site and choose which one you would like.



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