Welcome to the SGAA Growers


The SGAA Growers are a non profit organisation that supports Allotment tenants across Stevenage and Gardeners from the local area.

Here you can:

Find out the lastest news and events within the SGAA Growers

Apply for an allotment and fill out an application to have a green house or shed on your plot.

Find out the waiting list for the different sites across Stevenage.



Self Management update


There will be a few changes in 2020 due to the association handing back a number the duties to Stevenage council so please take note of the following:


You can ONLY pay your allotment invoice directly to the council and no loger at the shop


You can ONLY join the association by sending the membership form off to the membership secretary or via the shop when it is open.


Don't add the membership cost to your allotment invoice.


Membership for 2020
Please see the membership page for details of 2020 prices and how to join.
The membership cost has change for 2020 so please take note of the new cost.


 Shop now closed till february 2020