Make a splash for wildlife

by Annie Sutcliffe

Did you know that a pond can be the most significant wildlife feature in a garden or allotment?


The UK is losing its natural ponds and wetlands at an alarming rate, and domestic water features can make a real difference to the network of habitats available for our wildlife.


Even the smallest pond can make a difference and you will be amazed to see how quickly frogs, toads, newts and damsel- and dragonflies will find and colonise any new water. You may find that birds and mammals also use the space for drinking and bathing.  All these visitors can provide valuable pest-control on your plot!


A washing up bowl sunk into the ground will do – as long as you provide a way for animals to get in and out easily.


There are some great resources available for the Wildlife Trusts website, including a downloadable booklet providing a step-by-step guide to creating a pond, and the link is here: